THE RAPHAEL COLLECTION has an inspiring selection of beautiful contemporary jewelry which is both organic and holistic. We offer a variety of unique designs which utilize the power of crystals, symbols and color therapy. Every piece is special. When you wear one of our unique designs you will fell the magic of whatever you wish for become a reality.
In our life, we all strive to be happy healthy and experience the wonders of love. It doesn’t matter whether we are rich or poor, we all have desires. Even with all the technological advances in our lives, this can’t give us the happiness that comes from deeply knowing who we truly are, and connecting with our higher selves. Our holistic line embodies more traditional methods which utilize a unique formula by combining crystals, precious stones and refined metals such as gold, silver and copper, together with ancient symbols and colors to style from organic chic to modern elegance, with a vast array of premier design which you will love. In addition, we also create custom-made holistic jewelry to suit your tastes. Most of our stunning designs are hand-made.

Chakra-balancing jewels with a special healing formula
Each design is unique and hand crafted embodying holistic
Crystals, gems, precious pearls, silver and gold.